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      Hairdo is other thing many brides seem to worry. Listen to the suggestion from the beauty expert of Marriage studio, what is the right hairdo for your face.
      1. Oval face: forehead and shin narrow than the cheek is the perfect face shape. Luckily you are able to do every hairstyle. The only exception is those hairstyles, which cover your face too much, so no heavy bangs or elongate hairstyle is probably not the best idea.
      2. Heart face: A wide forehead and cheekbones, but narrow jaw line. Solid bangs, especially the across one are the worst possible choice. Layered shoulder-length cut and textured chin cut work the best. Side swept bangs are also fine, because they attract attention to the eyes, instead of forehead and cheeks. The straight bangs and thicker hair beside your ears is prohibit.
      3. Round face: Girls with round face shape should at any cost avoid adding extra volume anywhere near the cheek line. Instead you can lift hair at the crown of the head. Avoid curls and try to keep your hair straight or softly waved. Center part works well with this face shape, but not bangs. Short hair is usually recommended.
      4. Square face: This is marked by strong angular jaw and similar forehead. When you're styling your hair you are free to use any clever trick, which will soften your jaw line, for example add some volume to the crown of your head and create a side swept bang. The straight across bangs and hairstyles cut at the chin length are a no-no. Bobs are acceptable only when they are soft and layered.
      So, which hairstyle is yours?
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