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Wedding Dress
      An ideal wedding dress is not easy to find. But our experienced team know it best.
      Gown tips: What suit you?
      1. Know yourself First the bride must know your own style not what you want to look like. Every woman has beauty in her own way, up to how much can you pull it out.
      2. Wedding type For outdoor style, it probably suit with short dress. In another way, for ballroom style, you must be elegance to compete with the chandelier of the hall.
      3. Check your shape Forget your con, just think of your pro. Boost the best thing that you have and love it. That will make you to be a most beautiful bride.
      4. Open mind Try something fancy, something you might used to hate. Listen to the suggestion and be positive.
      5. Confident Don't be stress out. Relax and calm will improve your confidence in such time. Overall be yourself.
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